Find an orthodontic marketing club that is right for you!


If staying on schedule with patient contests and creating unique and fun contests is a challenge in your practice, this club is perfect for you! Shelia's contests are current, thought provoking and fun. You can even run a contest in your practice while a movie is premiering in theaters! With a PCC membership, you will receive "everything" you need to run a successful and unique contest via email every 6 weeks. It keeps you on schedule and organized. You get all the credit; your patients will never know the ideas came from an outside source.

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This is a smart concept that eliminates all those valuable hours spent in the think tank planning your marketing strategy to referring and potentially referring dental offices, to patients, to parents, local schools, etc. No more dropping in on your valuable referring dental offices with muffins (like your competition) when you "think about it." Shelia's program for referring dental office marketing is unique, and it is organized and timely. Her theory is "quarterly and quality" deliveries with attention to "romancing the staff." Additionally, you get patient contests, patient incentive suggestions, a referring staff raffle program and so much more. This club is exclusive!

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Do you have a Facebook page, but no content? You need the Facebook Club! Your staff members can post something fun and interactive to your Facebook page in 2 minutes or less each day. Your staff can even use Shelia’s instructions and pre-post a month’s worth of fun at one time. For just $175 a year, it's a no brainer to join this club! This social media option could work wonders for you!

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