These ideas are as fresh as daisies! The materials are created new every month, so you look very current to your patients, their parents and the dental community.

Your team will have a real marketing plan. No more going weeks or months between patient contests. No more visiting your valued referring dentists just when you feel guilty because you haven’t been in so long. And no more going days or weeks between your social media posts!

This material is truly TURN-KEY! It is so easy to use. If you have a team member who knows how to open an email, download attachments, and type your name into a Word document, you have everything you need.

Shelia provides you with options that will fit any budget for every project.

Having all this great material prepared for you will give your team members more time to spend with your valued patients.

All of the flyers, advertisements, gift tags, etc. are created for you with high quality artwork. Everything looks very professional, which makes you look good!

No more running all over town shopping! Shelia researches online vendors that you can shop with for contest prizes and marketing gifts, and frequently gets special pricing for club members.

These clubs are a great training tool for your in-office marketing coordinator (even if that person happens to also be your Treatment Coordinator, Scheduling Coordinator or a Clinical Assistant).

Over 92% of club members renew their membership each year. People love it!

Most importantly, you get Shelia! Available via email or phone to assist you at all times. It’s like having her on your team.


  • Susan Outz, Marketing Coordinator
    "Imagination @ Work's Patient Contest Club has been one of the best investments we have ever made. Not only does Shelia's club provide us with all of the files needed to run successful contests year round, but she offers additional marketing tips, calendars, etc., which we find invaluable! We save so much time using this program that we would not want to be without it!"
    Susan Outz, Marketing Coordinator
    Office of Dr. Don Spillers, Jr., Warner Robins, GA
  • Emily Girdwood
    "Shelia's Imagination Club has been an invaluable marketing resource for us for many years. Her internal marketing ideas with contests and patient incentives keep things exciting and fresh for our patients and parents all the time. She gives us the best delivery ideas to develop relationships with our referring dentists. We take her ideas and fit them to our style and they are so well received! Dental office staffs cannot wait to see what we will show up with next! Shelia has also given us so many ideas to reach out into our schools and the communities as well. Our presence has just continued to expand and we have become the "talk of the town!" Her Facebook ideas also keep sparking excitement on social media. Imagination @ Work never disappoints!"
    Emily Girdwood
    Girdwood Orthodontics, Lebanon, OH
  • Shanda Finley, Patient Coordinator
    "Shelia is our Director of fun! Her enthusiasm, great ideas and attention to detail continue to amaze us. Our patients and staff are always excited about each new contest and it only takes a few minutes to whip one out. And her pre-designed materials save us countless hours and money! "
    Shanda Finley, Patient Coordinator
    The Brace Place. OR (member since 2010)